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JON-CIN, as a family business in luxury fashion, is a pioneer when it is about Fashionverse and Blockchain in Fashion. Since 2017 JON-CIN recognizes the unbelievable role of Digitalization and Blockchain in Fashion and Art. Fashion and Art does not need a language to communicate, it speaks from itself. Its a passion, a pleasure, and an investment. We have recognized the immensely changing role of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) in digital fashion business investment.

With a partnership with German Standarts Digital Assets GSDA, one of the first blockchain companies in Germany and Europe, JC is indeed a well-established Fashionverse und Artverse place intermational and in the German speaking countries. First JC NFT Collection is "Love, Freedom, Creativity" created in 2022. The 31+ hand sketched items of JC_ NFT Collection "Love, Freedom, Creativity", provide an unique and high value and are fun, bright, colourful and unique.

Next JC handmade NFT Collection, created in December 2022,is called "JC Splash" A splash of color, perhaps? Or of blossoming flowers? Or radiating, joyfulness? How about all? Connected, intertwined, we are here to represent the simplicity, yet overwhelming beauty of life. What does it mean to be connected to nature? To experience life in all of it's beauty? Every day, we bring you closer to the gateway of radiant, vibrating positivity. Simply hold still, and watch the gratefulness of living overflow you. Day after day. NFT after NFT.

Artverse NFT Collection "Wonder of the Sea" is created in 2022 in partnership with GSDA. Dive into the wonders of the sea. It's vast colors exploding in ocean blue. The magnificence of it's marine life, simply awaiting you to dive deep. A storm of peacefulness directing you to your inner center. Your inner nature. Of being human. And the exhilarating chance of connecting to the flow of life. From turbulent waves to inner stillness. Come and dive in, now. We have been awaiting you.

"Wonder of the Sea" - NFTs created from JON-CIN and German Standards Digital Assets, GSDA

Since September 2022, JON-CIN as part of German Standards Digital Assets, is now protected by the "Patentamt" at the German Patent Trade Mark Office/DPMA. ON-CIN trademark has been verified to ensure successful registration. Through the experience of JON-CIN Team gained at the District Court of Berlin under its prestigious civil chamber regarding Author's Rights and Trademark Law, the trademark application and monitoring of JON-CIN trademark protection has been successfully carried out and completed. By the registering of the JON-CIN trademark (Word Mark & Image Mark) within the German trademark register, JON-CIN now obtains trademark protection for at least 10 years.

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